Transitrants May 2012

Transitrants May 2012 May¬†Transitrants 2012 Blogger’s note: Sorry for the light transitrants this month. I got a Blackberry Playbook tablet that I tested while traveling all month. I promise there will be more ranting from here on out. Northbound delays on Caltrain. % of passengers surprised by this: 0. #transitrants #caltrain After the 3rd day […]

Transitrants April 2012

Transitrants¬†April 2012 April Transitrants 2012 I defy you to be unhappy on your commute while listening to salsa music. #impossible #feeltherythm #transitrants #caltrain Seriously. Nothing turns the morning crap commute around like some bouncy salsa music. Try it. It works. I have a hard time thinking of a better way to snap out of the […]