GSAP: Curriculum Overview

It’s back to school time and class is now in session. Welcome to the GeekGamerGuy School of App Prosperity where you will learn the ins and outs of app development and how to successfully launch and optimize your app.

The curriculum in this blog series will cover all the basics with some pro tips mixed throughout to give you the academic edge in this fast paced industry.

As Benjamin Franklin said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” so let’s share some knowledge and start those dividends rolling in.

The curriculum will be broken up into several classes that cover

Class Schedule

GSAP: Monetization 101: To Premium or not to Premium?

What are the pros and cons of making your app paid?

GSAP: Monetization 201: The Freemium option and you.

How do I prosper from offering a free app?

GSAP: Acquisition 101: App Launch Basics.

My app is ready for the world, what’s next?

GSAP: Acquisition 201: Wherefore art thou users part 1?

Users are everywhere, how do I get them into my app? Try Ad Network Integration.

GSAP: Acquisition 202: Wherefore art thou users part 2?

Users are everywhere, how do I get them into my app? Try Social Media Preparation.

GSAP: Acquisition 203: Wherefore art thou users part 3?

Users are everywhere, how do I get them into my app? Try Traditional Media Preparation.

GSAP: Retention 101: Happy users are loyal users. Part 1.

How do I keep my users engaged and happy? Try Daily Rewards and Appointment Mechanics.

GSAP: Retention 102: Happy users are loyal users. Part 2.

How do I keep my users engaged and happy? Try Push Notifications and Progress Ladders.

GSAP: Metrics 101: Measure twice, cut once.

How do I measure success and improve my app?

Each week I will publish a new lesson.


Glossary of Terms

Below are a series of terms and acronyms you’ll encounter in your various classes. A link to a pdf of these terms is also available as a reference.

Download Glossary of Terms

ARPDAU: Average Revenue Per Daily Active User.
ARPPU: Average Revenue Per Paying User.
Daily Direct Payment Revenue (IAP): What is your daily revenue through iTunes, Google Checkout, Paypal, etc.?
DAU/MAU: The ratio of Daily Active Users divided by Monthly Active Users. If five thousand of your 50,000 monthly users come back every day, that’s a DAU/MAU of 0.1.
FTUE: The First Time User Experience. This encompasses everything from loading times to tutorial to first hook.
IAP A/B Testing: Trying different options of things such as IAP package pricing, coins per package, etc., and compare the level of success of price A and price B. Adjust the programs to be most effective. Repeat.
KPI: Key Performance Indicator. These are the metrics that will define the success of your app.
PPU: Percentage of paying users. Percent of Daily Active Users who have participated in a payment transaction.
Retention Rates: The rate of return for your users. Retention may be measured in one-day, seven-day or 30-day intervals. When they stop opening the app, the engagement is over.
Session Frequency: How often users come back for more; may be measured by number of session per day, week or month.
Session Length: The length of time any user stays on an app each time they open it. This can vary widely, depending on the type of app.


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