Clash of Gods takes place in a fantasy world where the gods of different pantheons place their powers behind armies of different cultures in a fight to dominate the next age of man. Collect and fuse god cards to gain more powerful abilities, improve the tech of your three unit types and use superior strategy to rule the next age.

Concept Art House, the premier art house in San Francisco, recently hired me to help them with their latest foray into the gaming space. They partnered with one of the biggest developers in Asia to create Clash of Gods.

It was a great challenging translating and rewriting hundreds of cards, powers and abilities. I also rewrote the story to update it for the western audience and created a whole new world for players to enjoy with the CAH staff there every step of the way.

Find it on Google Play and soon in the iTunes store.

See what Venture Beat has to say about Clash of Gods.

Venture Beats: Clash of Gods


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