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As player’s progress in the game they will be able to expand their hotel upwards.

*note: I’m breaking with the doc template and putting feature details at the bottom since this feature is so complex.

 Metrics to Move


  • Monetization: Players will be able to buy their way out of the friend/viral currency value gates.


  • Virality: There is a viral currency built into room expansion. There is a viral friend requirement built into the floor expansions.


  • Retention: There will always be the next step visible for players such as an unfinished roof or ghost doors enticing them to move forward.



Numbers for each feature subset are in the details sections..

Integration Issues

This feature touches the entire game and will likely be difficult to implement.

Art Assets

Art assets are extensive including wireframes, feed images, pop ups and door items.

Programming Estimate

TBD. Programming will be extensive as it will require new systems and improvements to existing systems.



 Adding a floor

  • An inactive floor will be darkened and bare like the current blueprint look.
  • Each floor requires a minimum level to unlock.



  • Upon unlocking the ability to add the floor the player pays the coins for materials and asks for help.
  • Each floor will require more friends to help until we reach the cap of 5 friends for every future floor
  • Friends are recruited via feedform
  • The first 5 people to respond are rewarded and slated into a specific role on the build
  • Upon getting 5 friends to help the player is informed that they can build the floor via in-game message
  • The 5 positions are:

o   Foreman (300coins)

o   Carpenter (250 coins)

o   Painter (200 coins)

o   Carpet Layer (150 coins)

o   Custodian (100 coins)

  • You can hire Hal to fill one of your slots if you’re friends are not responsive
  • Rolling over the lock when the player IS NOT high enough level will show the following rollover:

o   Unlock this floor at level: X

o   Materials Cost: xxxxx Coins

o   Crew Size: x Friends

  • Rolling over the lock when the player IS high enough level will show the following rollover:

o    Button: Buy Materials  xxxxx Coins

o    Button: Hire Crew

o    Hire Crew button will pop up a window with the following information:

Floor Requirements Table

Floor Soft Coin Cost Friends Required Hire Hal PF cost/Slot
3 2000 1 1
4 5000 2 2
6 10000 3 3
7 12000 4 4
8 20000 5 5
10 50000 5 5
11 60000 5 5
12 75000 5 5


  •  Once your crew is complete you can build the floor.
  • The floor appears with 6 ghost doors that require the pieces that are acquired via the viral currency of door parts.
  • Upon completing the floor a feed form will fire.
  • The floor appears dirty and must be cleaned up with simple clicks.


  • Clicking the trash clears it out and player’s receive xp for cleaning and have a chance to receive a random loot drop of door parts.
Item Loot Drop% Chance
Frame 15
Door 10
Knob 7
Hinges 5
Plaque 3




Adding Rooms

  • Each room consists of a: Door Frame, Door Panel, Door Knob, Door Hinges and Door Plaque
  • When players rollover a ghost door they get an update on the amount of door parts they have and a prompt to beg for more or build the door if they have enough parts.



  • Every day players are allowed to gift one of these items to friends
  • Every day the item they can gift will be randomly chosen
  • The item randomly chosen is weighted by the Gift % chance amount in the table
  • Players will be informed of their daily room item in the ‘status window’ shown
    upon returning to the game
  • The free item you can gift daily will live in the gift tab
  • The inventory of pieces you’ve received will be kept in the inventory tab
  • You can beg for more via feedform from a button under each item in the
    inventory tag
  • Each item will also be purchasable from the inventory tab with a cost according
    to the chart below
  • The price is based on their scarcity according to the chart below:
Item Gift % Chance PF Cost
Frame 30 1
Door 25 2
Knob 20 3
Hinges 15 4
Plaque 10 5





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