Welcome to Paper Dice, a new free app that brings the excitement and action of casino Craps to your phone without the stress of learning so many complicated bets and maneuvers. Paper Dice covers the 3 most basic bets in Craps: Come Bet, Don’t Come and Odds Bets with streamlined options to keep the action moving!



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Play starts by placing a bet using the bet-o-matic at the bottom of the screen. The right lever raises your bet and the left lever lowers your bet. Once a bet is placed just tap the dice to get started!

The Come Out Roll
Once a bet has been placed the dice are tapped to roll. The result is called the Come Out roll.

The Come Out Roll wins automatically if the result is a 7 or 11.
The roll loses automatically on a roll of 2, 3 and 12.
A roll of 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 establishes that number as the “point” number.

The Point Number
Once a point number is established the goal is to roll that number before rolling a 7 to win. You can add extra action on the ensuing rolls through an Odds Bet or Don’t Come bet.

Don’t Come Bet
If your point number doesn’t seem promising you can place a Don’t Come bet on the very next roll and if it comes up 7 you win 4x the bet!

Odds Bet
If your point number does look promising you can place an additional Odds bet. The amount of the bet and winnings are dependent upon the exact point number. Some points have better odds than others.

If you’d like to turn the music/sounds on and off try the options by tapping the gear.
If you need a refresher on game play tap the light bulb.
If you want more chips tap the money bag to buy or earn more.

Design: Ray Long
Engineering: Anthony Thompson (Inglewood Technology)
Art: Art was found and modified heavily and/or purchased from Shutterstock
Audio: Audio was purchased and modified from the talented Kevin MacLeod (

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