It’s back to school time and class is now in session. Welcome to the GeekGamerGuy School of App Prosperity where you will learn the ins and outs of app development and how to successfully launch and optimize your app.

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Acquisition 101: App Launch Basics.

Just like your first day of school first impressions can be vital to success. The app store is a social environment every bit as cut throat as your high school cafeteria. Having a strong image that puts your best foot forward will always help you find success in the app store as well as the lunchroom.

There are several points to consider prelaunch including:

  • App Store Presence.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

App Store Presence

The app store presence can make or break your apps popularity. If you aren’t paying close attention to the way your app is presented in the store you can’t expect the players too either.  Here are a few guidelines to take into account when creating your app store appearance:

  • Don’t use long strings of descriptive sentences. Large blocks of text are just as boring now as they were in your high school English class. Use short, descriptive sentences arranged in bullets and don’t go overboard even on those.
  • Use exciting screen caps that show the game in action. Don’t waste space on your splash screen, your loading screen or inventory screen unless they are spectacular visually.
  • Use active verbs in your sentences. Telling players that they will pilot advanced spacecraft throughout exciting levels is more powerful than saying there are 5 spacecraft in the game.

Search Engine Optimization

The good old days of search engine optimization merely consisting of attaching the appropriate tags to your page and including the right words in your description. There are a few ways you can help your app acquire users by optimizing the store to help your app acquire users:

  • Installs still rule the roost; the amount of installs of your app is still a major contributing factor to store effectiveness. Using ad networks and effective advertising to get users to install can drive you up the searches and charts.
  • Engagement is hot on the heels of installs. Designing your game to be engaging with either long session times or multiple daily sessions or both the search algorithm will take that into account and bump you up the charts. 

Review! Reviews! Reviews!

One of the best ways to acquire users and drive your app up the charts is positive reviews. The review process is very simple but getting positive reviews is not as simple. Here are some points to consider for garnering positive reviews:

  • Make your app bulletproof. Before sending your app to the store or to be previewed make sure it is thoroughly tested and test it again. A single, significant glitch or bug can sink your app before it even starts!
  • Seek out and establish relationships with app reviewers pre-launch. Use an app like Testflight to disseminate your app to reviewers before it launches, follow up with them at launch and if they liked it ask them to post a review on their blog and/or the app store itself.

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