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Acquisition 201: Wherefor art thou users. (Ad Network Integration)

Now that you’ve optimized your app and it’s ready for launch what you can now focus on getting users interested, playing and hopefully paying as well. Once the game is launched and you are looking to get more users there are steps you can take to increase the amount of users in your app including:

  • Ad Network Integration. 
  • Social Media Preparation.
  • Traditional Media Preparation.

Ad Network Integration Ad network integration is a very good way to acquire users providing you have the budget to make it work effectively. Ad networks such as GeekGamerGuy can turn a modest budget into active users by encouraging users in other apps to try your app for in-game currency for the original app through several offer types such as:

  • PPI: Pay Per Install. Users install your app in exchange for in-game currency for the original game. PPI has been the standard bargain for a while now but is rapidly being over taken by other methods within ad networks.
  • PPE: Pay Per Experience. The Pay Per Experience model is growing in popularity as it tends to attract higher quality users. The Pay Per Experience model requires the user to install your app AND accomplish something in-game such as completing a tutorial or reaching level 3. These users cost a little more but are still a good value.
  • Featured and Video Ads: Featured and Video Ads are a little more expensive option but are highly effective and make a splash. These ads can really catch a user’s attention and be very effective so the cost has to be well balanced against the return.

Pro tip: Make sure your ad network’s sdk is up to date to take advantage of the latest features and metrics tracking offered by your ad network.

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