It’s back to school time and class is now in session. Welcome to the GeekGamerGuy School of App Prosperity where you will learn the ins and outs of app development and how to successfully launch and optimize your app.

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Acquisition 202: Wherefor art thou users. (Social Media Preparation)

Now that you’ve optimized your app and it’s ready for launch what you can now focus on getting users interested, playing and hopefully paying as well. Once the game is launched and you are looking to get more users there are steps you can take to increase the amount of users in your app including:

  • Ad Network Integration. 
  • Social Media Preparation.
  • Traditional Media Preparation.

Social Media Preparation

Social media is a boon to new user acquisition. On the mobile platform you can leverage tweets, facebook posts and other methods to attract users. Here are a few tips for maximizing social media:

  • Set up a fan page on facebook and a twitter handle because if you don’t, someone else will and it will make it difficult to control messaging in the name of your own app. Create the fan page and handle before you send out your first preview build or launch in the store to protect yourself.
  • Regular updates about your app are far more effective than sporadic ones. A regular schedule of app updates that include news on bug fixes, feature previews and sales or specials are a very effective tool to getting your message into user’s feeds.
  • Ask for feedback. Keep a close eye on your fanpage and replies on twitter. You may learn something you never considered about your app. You may also find good quotes you can use for promotional purposes with the creator’s permission.
  • Incentivize users in-game to share with their friends. Give users in-game currency to share specific game events as well as the install of the game. Celebrate in-game accomplishments with rewards and share opportunities.

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