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Acquisition 203: Wherefor art thou users. (Traditional Media Preparation)

Now that you’ve optimized your app and it’s ready for launch what you can now focus on getting users interested, playing and hopefully paying as well. Once the game is launched and you are looking to get more users there are steps you can take to increase the amount of users in your app including:

  • Ad Network Integration. 
  • Social Media Preparation.
  • Traditional Media Preparation.

Traditional Media Preparation

Despite some nay-sayers traditional media is still a force to be reckoned with; it’s merely adjusted to the digital age. Digital news is by far the medium of choice these days for data and you need to prepare yourself to take advantage of it. Here are a few tips for maximizing traditional media:

  • Before you get started know the long term plan for your app and your company. Are you trying to build an app for quick sale to a larger company or is it part of your plan to create a suite of apps and build your company into the next mobile juggernaut?
  • Have a great press release and make contact regarding its release well before the game goes live. Here are a few points to remember about press releases:
  1. If you can afford it defer to a professional PR firm to handle them for you; nothing beats experience.
  2. Keep it brief. If your press release is more than 600 words edit it down or consider breaking into an initial press release and a follow up for later release.
  3. Start off with an engaging sentence that mentions the company name, the app name and the singular most important fact about the app such as the feature that differentiates it from others in the space.
  4. If you have a credible, positive, quote mention it in a prominent spot especially if it references your main point from the first sentence.
  5. Provide a method of feedback for readers such as a dedicated email that appears to be solely for the PR purposes.


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