Transitrants April 2014

  32% of people on this BART car are asleep. I wish it was 99%. Although the old man and his Russian hooker are adorable. I desperately wish I was capable of trusting people enough to sleep on the BART…but I don’t! I don’t trust my fellow freak commuters as far as I can toss […]

Transitrants End of Year 2014

          Editor’s note: I’m in New Zealand until December so here’s my remaining transitrants for 2014. I’ll be back on US public transport before you know it. Hey Bart driver. Why don’t you wait until you stop before telling us something over the PA; we can’t hear you when the train […]

Transitrants March 2014

A lot of snoring on this BART car. #jealous I have an insane amount of jealousy towards the people that can snooze peacefully on the cacophonous tube of rage that is the BART. Now the CalTrain…that’s another story. Holy shit this EmeryGoRound smells like sweat and feet! Wtf was going on in here! #transitrants I […]

#Transitrant Month Volume 1!

That’s right people, it’s time for the return of the transitrant! I’ve received a ton of comments and requests for more #transitrant content via my facebook and twitter (@geekgamerguy) so I decided to make September #transitrant month. Every Monday all month long I’ll recap some of my favorite #transitrants from the past year along with some commentary, […]

Transitrants August 2012

Nothing like being passed by a dozen seniors on 10 speeds in full marathon gear to remind you what a lazy sack you are. #transitrants There was a dozen or so seniors that looked like they were ready for the iron man competition that rolled past my shuttle who’s were sent by god to remind […]