I recently had the pleasure of working with Cerebral Fix as the Senior Game Designer on the mobile game for The Good Dinosaur, the latest movie from Disney/Pixar.

The Good Dinosaur Home Screen

The Good Dinosaur Home Screen

The Good Dinosaur Game Play

The Good Dinosaur Game Play












During the process I spent some time with the storycrafters at Pixar which was a wonderful experience. Their attention to detail and desire to deliver a beautiful experience is unparalleled.

I also embedded in the Disney campus at Glendale a couple times to work directly with the production team there and worked with some talented, driven producers and talent.

This was a rewarding experience with technical challenges and tight deadlines that the team met with typical kiwi tenacity. The New Zealand team in Cerebral Fix performed admirably and really out did themselves.

The Good Dinosaur: Dino Crossing mobile game is a wonderful, challenging game featuring Arlo and his pet human/puppy Spot. They must find their way home together after being washed down river from the Clawtooth Mountains. Along the way they dodge vicious velocirustlers, terrifying pteronadons and everything mother nature can throw at the new best friends.

Find it on the iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon Store.

See what the Social Times has to say about the latest game from Cerebral Fix and Disney/Pixar.

SocialTimes The Good Dinosaur: Dino Crossing

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