That’s right people, it’s time for the return of the transitrant!

I’ve received a ton of comments and requests for more #transitrant content via my facebook and twitter (@geekgamerguy) so I decided to make September #transitrant month.

Every Monday all month long I’ll recap some of my favorite #transitrants from the past year along with some commentary, explanations and/or comments about these little nuggets of rage.

Without further ado let the commuting rage begin!


Do you reek of sweat and cigarette smoke? Than by all means stand too close to me on a BART that is not at all crowded. #transitrants #BART

I understand that as you smoke you lose your sense of smell but by the name of all that is holy you have to know you stink to high heaven when it’s that bad. Also, you know you smell like cigarette smoke, why sidle up next to other people when there’s room to let you and your funk fester all on your lonesome.


The mom jeans are strong with this one… #BARTbeasts

Mom jeans are back in a big bad way at the BART and I for one couldn’t be happier. The mom jean is underappreciated and adorable on the right person. Well done with your fashion choice…sir.


5 times in 9 minutes by 3 different women. #HitByGiantPursesOnBART

Please dear god let the giant purse trend end soon. I’m tired of being smacked around by these giant pieces of luggage masquerading as fashion. I feel like a pinball some days getting smacked around on the BART by these things. Are giant purses like sports cars for men?


In less than a minute the arrival time went from 10 minutes to 3 minutes. SSF Bart station is inside the TARDIS! #BART #DrWho

That was a neat trick. Further proof that the BART schedule is a fraud meant to lull you into a false sense of security long enough to pay for your ticket.


Hipster dude at Bart asks Latina wearing a twitter shirt: “So what’s your Twitter handle?” Latina: “que?” #BART

I need to polish my Spanish up a little better so I too can play the Mexican part a little stronger. This girl was talking perfect English into her iPhone 3 minutes earlier but she had the perfect defense against this dirty douchebag.


Both women facing me on the Bart have the same knock off Coach purse in different colors and its killing them. #hardcorepawnlearnings

Two of the same purses probably bought on Market street for $100 bucks. Both of them know they’re rockin’ phony Coaches and they are silently hating each other for knowing that the other knows they’re cheap, fakie humans.


Oh good, just let your annoying little dog roam around the BART. What harm could that do… All the stupid in 1 day. #BART #transitrants

ONLY SERVICE DOGS ON THE BART YOU NARCISSISTIC, NEEDY ASSHOLES! I’ll deal with my allergies for a service dog, a yappy little ankle biter that does nothing but be annoying is not worth my eyes watering and sneezing like a mad man. I’m eating the next one on a ciabatta roll.


Garlic sweat man sat next to me and changed his mind. Phew! #BART #transitrants

I love garlic on my Italian food; as deodorant on my fellow BART passenger? Not so much.


Police action at 12th St Station. Who’s committing serious crime on a Tuesday?!

Vicious crime on a Tuesday or early in the week seems weird to me .If you’re going to be violent in criminal behavior it seems like your rage would build up over the week and explode on the weekend, not on a Tuesday morning.  


Don’t be the asshole riding your bike in the BART.

As if the shitty etiquette of the majority of bicyclists on the BART isn’t bad enough but now bikers are actually riding their bike across the platform to the escalators which they are also NOT supposed to be using. The smugness of most of the bikers isn’t bad enough and now I got to dodge them like Frogger every morning.

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