32% of people on this BART car are asleep. I wish it was 99%. Although the old man and his Russian hooker are adorable.

I desperately wish I was capable of trusting people enough to sleep on the BART…but I don’t! I don’t trust my fellow freak commuters as far as I can toss them down the Transbay Tube! Besides, if I slept I would have missed the nice old man and his russian hooker. Him salivating as he looked at her and her desperately trying to get him to keep his hands from getting too obscene until they get back to his house, hotel room or alleyway.


EmeryGoRound door shut in my face. This organization is really on my shit list.

I understand you have a schedule to keep but this practice seems a bit cruel. On the other hand it’s my own fault for not being 3 seconds sooner down the stairs and who am I to deny a hard working public servant the only pleasure they’re likely to get from their job.


There’s already a drunk girl on the Bart with her head down on the seat in front of her. #HappyValentinesDay

This was at 9:30 AM on a Wednesday and there was already a drunk, nearly passed out girl on the BART. People, pace yourself on Valentine’s day, you don’t need to get shit faced on mimosas at the Valentine’s morning breakfast; this isn’t St. Patrick’s Day for crissakes!



I sincerely believe this is a form of mental illness. These are people that so desperately need human interaction and attention that they place themselves as impediments to others to force us to interact with them. They should be rounded up and medicated, forced into therapy or just turned into Soylent Green, I’m open to options.


Waiting an hour for an EmeryGoRound that still hasn’t come; another hour and a half on hold for CS earlier. Tired of having my life wasted.

You know those stats that say you sleep for 30% of your life, spend 10% on average in the bathroom etc.? I’m fairly certain the rest of your life is 40% working, 15% wasted by idiots and 5% actually being happy. I’ve got to do something about that ratio.


I hate panhandlers that A) want to shake hands and B) Can’t get off their cel phone to ask me for money.

I don’t think most panhandlers understand that when I hand you a dollar you take the other end of it and I’m essentially paying you not to touch me. And if you can afford cel service you don’t need my dollar as much as the other guy talking to his shoe.


Stuffed EmeryGoRound roster: 11 seated young people with 5 standing seniors, 2 obese people taking double seats and 1 gangsta taking 2.

Most of the time I don’t even bother to sit down because I’m just gonna end up giving the seat to an old or handicapped person. Twice in the past year I have had to ask someone to give up a seat so a PREGNANT woman could sit down. An obviously, hugely pregnant woman shouldn’t have to stand anywhere but we’ve degraded to such a point we can’t even see it anymore and makes me sad. Pregnant women should be allowed to kick someone in the nuts and throw them out of their seat by their hair if she’s made to stand more than two minutes.


I wish the lonely old people at BART would talk to each other instead of bugging everyone else. They probably have more in common.

I’m thrilled you know who Katy Perry is grandpa but I really don’t need to hear your opinion about her clothes at 7:30am, especially before I’ve had my coffee. Yes, I know she’s such a pretty girl and probably doesn’t need to dress like that to be noticed now pass me an apple sauce.

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