Nothing like being passed by a dozen seniors on 10 speeds in full marathon gear to remind you what a lazy sack you are. #transitrants

There was a dozen or so seniors that looked like they were ready for the iron man competition that rolled past my shuttle who’s were sent by god to remind me what a lazy sack of crap I am. These oldsters are really making me rethink how I live my life and how I should get in better shape so I ca- ooooh! Chocolate Donut!


Dear lesbian couple on the Bart, jut start kissing already; it’s obvious you’re dying to with all the sexy touching. #transitrants #BART

Two women, obviously in love, hugging and staring wistfully at each other their hands intertwining slowly. All eyes were on this couple and if they just kissed I’m fairly certain there would have been a standing ovation. Love is its own reward but some clapping never hurt.


There is nothing more annoying than giggly twenty somethings tripping and riding public transportation. #transitrants #BART

Couldn’t you take the money you spend on the acid and mushrooms and just go to a movie or is today’s entertainment so dull, bland and unoriginal that tripping balls and annoying people on public transportation is a better choice? Evidently, the answer is yes.


It’s not so much the Bart noise interfering with my podcast listening as it is this woman’s amazingly annoying voice. #transitrants #BART

This creature’s voice can best be described as Fran Drescher in a blender while gargling with broken glass. Why do the loudest, most obnoxious people insist on never shutting up.


     You ever notice there’s always 1 person annoying everyone and
talking on a cel on public transport? #transitrants #caltrain

Annoying woman stops talking on her cel and another starts. Is there
a 1 annoying person minimum on this train? #transitrants #caltrain


Aren’t there rules about eating on CalTrain? This guy’s McDonalds is going to make me puke on this new train #transitrants #caltrain

I’ve given up on most fast food especially McDonalds. That fry smell that used to call me like a siren song now evokes pukey feelings that I normally reserve for Oprah shows and Republican National Conventions.


There’s a guy sitting on the Muni AND holding a pole. I think he’s afraid we’re going to space or something. #transitrants #muni

There was a guy sitting there that looked like he was waiting to be the first commuter in space. He looked like he was using his mental powers, his face screwed into rapt concentration, to keep us from rocketing into the ionosphere.


No old man on the BART! I don’t want to talk about your vintage coat! Good, he found another victim. #BART #transitrants

I hope when I get old I too will be so proud of my coat that I will accost perfect strangers and tell them all about it whether they want me to or not. I admire the ability of some old people to throw social convention out the window and make you listen to their ramblings.

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