Just Saw a guy leaving MacArthur BART with 2 dozen Krispy Kreme and thought: I saw the Groupon too. He was small, should have taken them.
Groupon has been a wonderful tool to introduce the masses, myself included, to new restaurants and activities and such but it is also making targets of poor people like this guy. This guy was exiting MacArthur BART, one of the more sketchy BART stations chock full of homeless people and aggressive panhandlers, festooned with tasty donuts and I wasn’t the only one that noticed. He then promptly boarded a bus while many hungry eyes stared at him. He was probably lucky that there was a BART cop there or he may have been another donut related casualty.

An attractive woman sat next to me on the BART. That’s 1 time in 53 trips or so. My batting average is going up. #transitrants #BART
I attract smelly, rude and insanely crazy people when on the rare occasion that I actually sit in a seat on the BART. This day I threw caution to the wind and gave my feet a rest from breaking in two pairs of new shoes and took a seat. A lovely woman dressed nicely and smelling vaguely of vanilla sat next to me. When I shuffled to get some gum from my coat pocket she flinched like I was gonna steal her lunch money. Yes folks, I still got it.

The San Mateo Caltrain station is looking extra sketchy today… #transitrants #caltrain
There was no less than 4 different groups of scary looking dudes loitering around the platform. There was a group at each exit/entrance and it looked like a trap to me. Glad I didn’t have to get out there…

Today’s commute has been extra cleavagey today. Thank ladies. #transitrants
I love it when the sun comes out after a week of cloudy days. The shirts get plungier and the skirts get shorter which makes my commute oh so much better. I wish every commute was like this. It would make waking up so early in the morning that much more bearable,

Dear Pontiac Aztek, our EmeryGoRound shuttle will destroy you if you don’t check yourself. #transitrants #egoround
I understand owning a Pontiac Aztek might drive some to suicide. With it’s boxy styling and superfluous extras that failed to make it a darling it could easily drive someone over the edge.However, if you finally succumb to Aztek induced depression and wish to end it all feel free to drive off a cliff rather than sacrifice yourself in front of our EmeryGoRound. It’s an old bus and is unlikely to finish you off but rather hurt you badly and just wish you were dead.

Girl on the CalTrain is shocked she was supposed to pay to ride. A student ID is not a free ride pass. #transitrants #caltrain #newbs
I’m always amused when attractive girls get chuffed about having to pay for something. I know most of your life you’ve had things handed to you if you so much as bend your lip into a small smile but government workers are immune to such tricks. Pay for a ticket like the rest of us because no one is buying your bullshit “I thought students ride everything for free” excuse.

*Dude on the EmeryGoRound is wearing his boxing glove wraps. Better not mess with this badass :-p #transitrants #egoround

He’s also wearing a Coroner shirt and fatigues. Dude, you and your ear ring are trying way too hard to be badass. #transitrants #egoround

Even his backpack has spiky metal studs. I bet his backpack is full of Dungeons and Dragons books. #transitrants #egoround
UFC and the other fighting trends is having a profound effect on assholes. It’s not enough that the wanna be jackasses are running around causing fights all pumped up on testosterone, and maybe horse hormones and red bull, but now they have to advertise with the douchbagel uniform of Tapout shirts, fingerless gloves, combat boots etc. Many of these guys are trying so hard to look tough that they are begging for trouble and these silly uniforms are probably causing more trouble than they’re preventing. In this guys specific case this string bean seemed like an utter poser but I just hope he doesn’t start believing his own hype and accidentally piss off a real badass.

*Bitch that hasn’t shut up on her cel phone the whole trip just destroyed my knee with her giant purse. #transitrants #egoround

Seriously, these giant purse are getting out of hand. The reckless abandonment with which they are swung around is a disgrace. #transitrants

On my commute today three different women accidentally hit/kicked me and not a single one said excuse me or sorry. #transitrants
Remember manners? I vaguely do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman accidentally hitting a man or a man accidentally hitting a woman common courtesy dictates you say sorry but that seems to have been lost on the large purse crowd. It seems that if you carry an oversized status symbol on your shoulder it gives you carte blanche to step on people with your heels and bash them repeatedly with said purse without so much as an ‘excuse me’. That does it! I’m getting me a giant purse and smacking ever smug wench with a big bag and piss poor attitude I see on the BART!

Honorable Mentions
Accidentally bumped a guys seat while walking to my mine. You’d have thought I stabbed his mom he was so chuffed. #transitrants #caltrain

Yeah dude, I’m sure kicking the Muni will make the driver open the door. #transitrants #SFMuni

Dear SFMuni, can we get this train moving please? My morning coffee is knocking on the door of my bladder. #transitrants #SFMuni

I’ve been sitting on this Muni for 10 minutes without moving. I need more transit in my mass transit! #transitrants #SFMuni

If you guys wanted to talk the whole ride why didn’t you sit next to each other instead of the top single seats? #transitrants #caltrain

Bitch quit kicking the Muni door button! The light isn’t lit so the door won’t open. Quit pissing off the driver! #transitrants #SFMuni

*I’ve combined these tweet comments as these tweets are all related

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