Always a great sign when you get to MacArthur BART and the City of Oakland Mobile Command Unit is there with lights blazing.

The mobile command unit is the harbinger of doom in Oakland. When it’s at MacArthur that means one of two things, a major crime was just committed or there’s an impending protest and crime is incoming. The only question is who will do the crime during the protest, the protesters or the cops?


I’m sure the guy sitting on the bike racks at MacArthur in his PJs holding a bat is surely not up to no good. #BART

These instances are why I can’t wait for the complete and utter gentrification of Oakland by hipsters and the gay community. I’d much rather exit the station and see 2 gay dudes holding hands walking their little dog or a hipster on his longboard than some high dude in his pajamas with a baseball bat muttering about ‘getting’ that bitch”. I wonder if we can turn gangstas into hipsters if Oakland adds enough coffee shops.


The cops arrived to talk to high man brandishing the bat. I’m sure this will go well. #BART

Well, that didn’t go well. A ton of screaming, bat swinging and cop wrangling around. I wish I knew how it ended but that’s all I saw as the shuttle pulled away. If the Oakland Police reputation holds true that guy is still rotting, bruised in a cell somewhere.


Oh good, someone on Bart sneezed on me; nothing good can come from this…

It’s called a vampire sneeze people, it’s how we reduce the spread of disease and not turn into uncivilized, rude and stupid assholes! Here it is in terms you might be able to understand:


Stuck between blowhard artist and screechy neck tattoo girl on Bart line. Perfect end to today.

Is there anything more annoying that two awful people agreeing with each other over stupid shit at high volume in a small, confined space? These two geniuses agreeing with each other loudly over an opinion is a waste of everyone’s time. Just go somewhere privately and jerk each other off, it’ll feel better for the two of you and the rest of us will be spared your drivel. Better living thru masturbation people.


Baby screams on Bart, parent’s answer? Turn baby away from themselves towards other people. #bart#peoplesuck

There are too many babies. Quit shitting out babies, especially if you aren’t gonna raise it properly. I have one and helped raise her every step of the way and wouldn’t inflict bad behavior on the public. Next time I’m gonna spin her kid right back around at her and maybe she’ll get off her cel phone and pay some attention to her kid.


So you’re just gonna stand in the Bart doorway lady? Good plan.

Again, I think some people are mentally ill and running rampant in our public transit system. These people place themselves in the way so others are forced to interact with them. These scary people are the real Reagan legacy; once he shut down the mental hospitals we were all doomed.


Another day, another BART door slammed in my face. #BART

BART door face slamming should be an Olympic sport. My favorite part of this process is the door slamming in my face, me looking towards the front of the car and seeing the shit eating grin on the driver’s face as his head peeks through the window.

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