Transitrants May 2012

May Transitrants 2012

Blogger’s note: Sorry for the light transitrants this month. I got a Blackberry Playbook tablet that I tested while traveling all month. I promise there will be more ranting from here on out.

Northbound delays on Caltrain. % of passengers surprised by this: 0. #transitrants #caltrain

After the 3rd day of delays in a row there was a single person with a surprised look on their face. It seems Caltrain is wearing down our expectations over the service. There we sat in the cold all despondent and beaten down.

The CalTrain and BART have been rocked by delays lately. Might have something to do with how old and antiquted our rail lines are.

Our standards have fallen so low with what we’ll accept we just put our heads down and take it. California, please raise my taxes and buy a train that is less than 30 yrs old. Thanks.

I think I just turned my ankle running for the EmeryGoRound. These new shoes hate me as much as mass transit. #transitrants #emerygoround

I heard this vicious rumor that decades ago shoes offered arch and ankle support. That shoes weren’t cheaply produced with flat bottoms and no padding. There used to something called “pride” in the creation of consumer goodsthat didn’t try to kill the buyer with shoddiness and medicore to down right criminal quality.

Anime Moment! I think my rage over the late EmeryGoRound has given me a nosebleed! #transitrants

Evidently 40 minutes late is the limit for blood pressure and the fine vessels running gthrough my sinuses. After 30 minutes of stalking and cursing at the bus staop my nose finally gave way and expressed all my inner turmoil in one gush of viscous rage. I hope I never get that angry again…you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…because I might bleed on you out my nose.


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